Martín Nogueira is a pro rider from Neuquén in the Argentinian Patagonia. He contacted me with the intention of making an eye-catching social media video, but there was a catch: it had to be different from his regular video posts.
Using a 360º camera made it possible to create dynamic and unique shots.
We came up with the idea of a video-game-like competition. We would use gaming references such as multiplayer split screen, power-ups, hazards and items to showcase the skills of Martín Nogueira vs. Nahuel Kriger, a local motocross rider.
3D elements were later added to build the video game challenge.
Most of the footage was shot on an Insta360 One X camera, which made the editing and postproduction an easy process. It also allowed us to explore creativity by experimenting with different techniques such as impossible camera angles, invisible selfie sticks and fake drones.
Impossible shots captured by Insta360 One X.
On August 2021, the video was awarded with the Second Prize in the Life: Unleashed contest held by Insta360.
MTB vs MX //
Martín Nogueira

Video Editor +
Motion Graphics Designer

Release Date
August, 2021

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