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Inmersion Clarin is a journalistic experiment. It's an interactive documentary that takes places in a Telegram bot.

The project follows the daily routine of a group of journalists while they investigate and write their stories for the Argentine newspaper Clarín. Messages build the narrative by making use of Telegram's native features: text, audio, photo and video messages, location maps, e-mails and phone calls. These contents allow users to witness the making of news, from their origins to the final published articles.​​​​​​​
Scrolling though the five-day experience of Inmersión Clarín
From the moment the bot is started, the complete experience lasts five days. By simulating real time, the user's and the character's time sync. For example, if a journalist texts he or she is covering an event at 9 am, you will get those messages at 9 am. Or if a photographer is making a photo journalism investigation at midnight, you will receive updates at midnight. This concept is key to make the whole experience feel real time.
What is Inmersión Clarín?
Formats were crucial in this project and a variety of them were used to tell each story. In addition to the  already known audio, photo and video messages, other special formats were developed and used in this experiment:
Picture in Picture
Journalist Paula Lugones covered Black Lives Matter from Washington DC
Animated Maps
Native features such as Live Locations were used. In other cases, animated video maps were created.
First-Person POV
Journalists used GoPro cameras while covering the news to add a different perspective on the events.
Third-Person POV
A 360º camera was also used to generate a third-person view on the news coverage.
360º Footage
The "invisible selfie-stick" feature on 360º cameras added to the immersive experience.
Fake Drone
The "invisible selfie-stick" feature on 360º cameras also allowed us to fake drone footage.
The photogrammetry technique was used to scan key objects in news making.
Augmented Reality
The previously 3D-scanned objects were placed in the newsroom for analysis
Dollhouse (Matterport 3D Scan)
Users could also inspect a Matterport dollhouse model of the newsroom and navigate it.
FPV Drone
FPV Drone pilots flew inside the newsroom to generate this footage.
Inmersión Clarín is a statement: it is possible to make content more accesible to users though messaging platforms in an appealing way. It is an attempt to push boundaries when it comes to modern ways of producing and delivering news.
Without a doubt, this was one of the biggest and most complex projects made for Clarín's 75th anniversary.
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Release Date
December, 2020

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