David Rieff: What does collective memory seek?
#Ideas2017 was a conference held in September 2017 by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina in the City of Buenos Aires. Thirteen international guests were invited to present their ideas and discuss science, culture, religion and social issues.

To promote the conference, I worked under the creative direction of Julián Gallo in the creation of a series of social media videos. These consisted of short interviews with David Rieff, Kevin Esvelt, Julia Shaw, Carlo Ratti, Luciano Floridi, Tariq Ramadan and Gérard Biard. In less than 3 minutes, each speaker presented an idea and opened a discussion on a particular topic.
What was most notable about these interviews was the footage itself. It was shot with Errol Morris's Interrotron technique and the result was exceptional.
Kevin Esvelt: Is natural selection inmoral?
Julia Shaw: Can we trust our memories?
Luciano Floridi: What is the right to be forgotten?
Carlo Ratti: What will the cities of the future be like?
Gérard Biard: Has religion become a problem?
Tariq Ramadan: Why is Islam frowned upon?
Ideas2017 //
Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación + Presidencia de la Nación Argentina

Video Editor +
Motion Graphics Designer

Release Date
September, 2017

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