Did the guards wear pink or red?
I finished watching SquidGame. If you are a video game fan, I'm sure every time a guard appeared on screen you thought of the PlayStation controller. The circle, triangle and square masks triggered an idea that chased me during the 9 episodes of the series: What would happen if Sony and Netflix created a special edition of the Dualsense controller?
This personal project was completed in one week, that was my goal. For five days I plunged into 3D. I tried #Blender, #Cinema4D and #3DStudioMax. I learnt about models, materials, lights and animations. I researched about #Arnold and #VRay render engines. Then, I combined these new learnings with tools I'm already familiar with (Adobe Creative Suite). This video is the result of that challenge.
And about the guard's suit color: I thought they were red but it turns out they are pink (hot pink). Chae Kyung-sun, production designer of the series, confirmed it on an interview on Variety. And the soundtrack contains a song called "Pink Soldiers".
#Squid Game x Playstation 5 //
Personal Project

Video Editor +
Motion Graphics Designer +
3D Animator

Release Date
October, 2021​​​​​​​

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