TN (Todo Noticias) is a news network based in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its strong national presence includes TV, online and social media.

Between May and August, 2021, I worked together with the agency Gallo Media to create a series videos that introduced the concept “Ver para creer” (“Seeing is believing”).
The amazement caused by a goal made by Lionel Messi, the shock of seeing people flooding the streets of Cuba in protest, the consternation of Argentinians after surpassing 100.000 deaths due to questionable health policies… they all share a common emotion: astonishment.
Every video showcases a trending news of relevance to the audience of TN. As in an internet meme, it needs of the spectator’s complicity to be decoded in 30 seconds or less. In the end, if the sensation left is a bittersweet mixture of amazement, wonder and disbelief… then the mission was accomplished.

Pandemia | Pandemic

Brindis | Toast

Distanciamiento social | Social distancing


Piedras | Stones


Preso dando cátedra | Prisoner giving a lecture

Emigrantes desesperados | Desperates Emigrants


Siestón | Nap

Ver para creer //
Todo Noticias (TN)

Video Editor +
Motion Graphics Designer

Release Date
May–August, 2021

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