The last video posted on Casa Rosada's social media accounts before the new administration (December 2019)
The Casa Rosada is the House of Government of Argentina. Between 2015 and 2019, while working in the Digital Communication team of the Presidency of Argentina, I was involved in numerous exciting digital projects.​​​​​​​
The daily activities that took place in the Casa Rosada and the life of its employees were captured as Stories. These allowed us to “open the doors” and offer a unique behind-the-scenes of what was going on.
A salad served to former President Mauricio Macri made from vegetables harvested from Casa Rosada's rooftop garden.
The footage obtained lived for 24 hours in the Casa Rosada Instagram account and that same material was edited and adapted into the feed format.
A story covering May 25th celebrations
The best way to describe this project is Google Doodles. Imagine those commemorative doodles were real, tangible flags placed on the facade of the Casa Rosada. That is the “Banderas” projects.
I was part of the team that designed, produced and hung the flags, and it was a really exciting experience. 
Some of the most memorable flags were: New Years Eve 2019, Romeo & Juliet (Saint Valentine's 2018), Justina Lo Cane (Tribute to organ donors), Grenadier, Flag of Argentina, Moon Landing (Friends Day), and General San Martín.
Content based on the National Historical Archive
The General Archive of the Nation is Argentina’s historical archive. We worked together with them to bring old photographs of Casa Rosada back to life.
We also experimented with photo restoration and colorizing:
Editorial Specials
Every two weeks, Casa Rosada presented social media editorial special. One topic was chosen and throughout that day, all the contents posted were related to it. For example, we celebrated the film industry of Argentina by posting, photographs, explainer videos, interviews and also live streams.
Some examples of those contents are:
Cyberbullying Special: What is cyberbullying?
Susana Giménez, actress of the Argentine classic "La Mary", sent us audio messages telling us about her experience in the film.
A video with sounds of the "El Impenetrable" National Park.
We adapted to video a letter written by Susan Sontag for the Jorge Luis Borges Special.
Content Experiments
We constantly test new formats. For example, we put GoPro cameras on grenadiers, used satellite imagery to show the evolution of the Plaza de Mayo, downloaded video tagged in Casa Rosada and created user-generated content with them, among other experiments.
Two GoPro cameras on a grenadier, edited as a dual-cam video.
Satellite images show the evolution of the Plaza de Mayo.
A UGC video made with photos taken at the Casa Rosada entrance. 
Four-year recap video
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