"Años" ("Years") was Clarín75's campaign launch video

On August 28th, 2020, the Argentine newspaper Clarín turned 75 years old. To celebrate this milestone, I worked together with Gallo Media on various media actions: A branding awareness campaign, a bot that messages back a newspaper covers based on an input date, a contact form that will store your email until the year 2045, and a digital experiment that allows you to experience Clarín's newsroom minute by minute.

All these projects share the concepts of relevance and perpertuity embodied in the brand awareness campaign. My main role in this particular project was video editing and motion graphics design.
Clarín's reputation across time led to a poweful slogan which supports the relevance of the newspaper and sets the mood for the next 25 years: "Estuvimos, estamos, estaremos" –A rough translation would be "We are here, we were here, we will be here."
"Estuvimos, estamos, estaremos" is the Clarín75's slogan.
Five videos were made for the campaign, which covered different themes such as politics, economy, sports and the most memorable newspaper comic strips. Clarín's archive of more than 27,000 issues was key to create the animation sequences.
"Años", "Democracia", "Dólar", "Gloria" and "Sábat" were the titles of the videos made for the campaign.
The branding identity "Clarín75" and the closing animation pack was also design based on the same concept. The resulting videos are powerful and enduring, and it was a delight to have been part of this project.
Here are the resulting videos:

Democracia (Democracy)

Dólar (Dollar)

Gloria (Glory)


Clarín75 //

Video Editor +
Motion Graphics Designer

Release Date
August, 2020​​​​​​​

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