Telenoche is a 60-minutes TV news program from Argentina. It has been on air uninterruptedly since 1966, becoming the oldest and most iconic news show in the country.
After 55 seasons broadcasting on Channel 13 (Canal 13 or eltrece), one of the most memorable aspects of the show are its hosts. I worked together with Gallo Media in the launch of Telenoche's new season –and new presenters, Luciana Geuna and Diego Leuco.
Diego Leuco (left) and Luciana Geuna (right) are the faces of the new Telenoche.
"Objectivity in the coverage of news across time" was the kickoff concept. The slogan, "Contamos lo que vivimos" (We tell what we live), expresses this idea and also conveys the feeling of having witnessed the events of Argentine in the last 55 years.
With this into account, I worked on a promotional video for the launch of the show. It is a fast-pace, one-minute video from the most memorable events on Telenoche's news coverage: the Presidents since the return of democracy to Argentina, the Cromañón, Once and ARA San Juan tragedies, the AMIA terrorist attack, the sports achievements, the pandemic. All the footage used was taken from the archives of Channel 13.
A photo shoot of the presenters also took place and I designed print ads and billboards from it.
A newspaper ad for the launch of Telenoche.
Telenoche: contamos lo que vivimos //
Eltrece / Artear

Video Editor +
Motion Graphics Designer

Release Date
February, 2021

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