On August 28th, 2045, Clarín will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Everyone is invited.

"Clarín 100 años" or "Mensaje al futuro" ("A message to the future") is part of Clarín's 75th anniversary campaign and the Inmersión Clarín experience. A special lading page was designed which contained one question: What would you tell yourself 25 years from now?
This digital action was an open invite to think about the future in the most personal way, asking users about their dreams and fears, economical and political forecasts, predictions about world issues, etc. The answers will be stored until Clarín's 100th anniversary on August 28, 2045, date when the messages will be emailed back to their creators.
On the website, users were asked what they would tell themselves in 25 years.
In addition to the website, this action presented a particular set of promotional material. A video commercial for TV and social media was produced, imagining what politicians and public figures would look like in 25 years. Full page print ads were also designed for the main newspapers and magazines in Argentina.
It was a really fun project. I can't wait to 2045 to see people's reaction on their own messages.
Choosing the for the newspaper (that's me on the left!)
Mensaje al futuro (Clarín 100 años) //

Multimedia Designer +
Video Editor

Release Date
October, 2020

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