In 2018, the Nation Brand of Argentina was redesigned by the agency Future Brand. At that time, I was working in the Digital Communication team of the Argentine government, and our team carried out this action for the launch campaign.
How would you send a "message" to other countries in the world? To get their attention you would need a BIG sign, one that stands out and can be seen from great heights. That's why we painted the "Marca País" on the roof of the Argentine government building, the Casa Rosada.
So... if you are flying over Buenos Aires, if you are exploring Google Maps or, why not, if you are an extraterrestrial life form trying to make contact... you will not miss it!
Google Earth's satellite images show the Nation Brand of Argentina.
Marca País //
Presidencia de la Nación Argentina

Video Editor +
Motion Graphics Designer

Release Date
July, 2018

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